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We’re enthusiastic about a lot of things here at MojaMix. We always appreciate an oldie but a goodie (like our old-fashioned commitment to customer service)... but we love to try new things (like our custom-designed, environmentally friendly packaging), too! Most of all, we love when we bring the old and the new together.

Like the name of our company: we were inspired by the Swahili word umoja, which means “the harmony of many people or things coming together in one place.” (And doesn’t the world always need a little more of that?) So we decided to take the spirit of umoja and mix it up. Ta da! MojaMix!


Everybody has their favorite 80’s rock song. Everybody has their favorite kind of summer day. And everyone has their favorite cereal—whether they’ve found it yet or not! Luckily, we’ve found a way to help. With literally hundreds of millions of possible combinations, our menu of yummy grains, fruits, and nuts allows each person who visits our website to find the perfect fit. And nothing feels (or tastes!) better than that.

MojaMix history

MojaMix was founded by Norberto and Thomas in 2008. Both originally from Europe, they first met in business school. They bonded over their love of the perfect breakfast—which to us means having something intensely delicious as well as nutritious. Gradually, they found a way to turn this passion into a business. MojaMix started in Berkeley, California. In early 2010, MojaMix was purchased by two investors from the Silicon Valley, Saeid and Behrooz, who continued with the venture. Being in the golden state allows us to work with the sustainable local farmers who grow most of our ingredients. Our employees love it here, too—and making them happy is just as important to us as pleasing our customers.

Contact us

We want to hear from you! Whether it’s a question, advice, really awful pun, or suggestion for new ingredients or mixes, please leave a comment or contact us via info[at]

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