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Reorder my cereal mix

Every MojaMix has a "Mix Identity" number clearly printed on the backlabel.

Can I suggest new ingredients or make another comment?

Think we should offer ground acorns? Halvah? Smurfberries? Drop us a line and make your case! We’re always open to suggestions, and we love to hear from our customers. You can find a Contact link that is displayed at the bottom of every page.

How long does it take before I receive my MojaMix?

It shouldn’t take more than 5 business days from the moment you place your order until your custom-blended MojaMix arrives. We know, five days is a long time when you’re all out of MojaMix, but please try not to harass your mail carrier. Good news: If you live in California, you can expect it even quicker! (We understand if you decide to move to California.)

Can I send a MojaMix as a gift to someone?

Yes! MojaMix makes a terrific gift for any occasion. You can either enter your recipient’s name and address as the shipping address and have it sent to them directly, or you can hand-deliver your present and see the expression on your loved one’s face—if so, snap a pic and send it to us!

Do you have other questions about MojaMix?

Check our Frequently Asked Questions here in the FAQ section. You can also contact us with any question here

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